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Tech Tips and Links

Powhatan Elementary Parents, 


This is Mrs. C, the Technology teacher here at Powhatan. I would like to start off by saying Thank you to all of you for your kind words and support for our teachers and staff as we navigate through the technology side of remote learning. Even though we use technology every day in the classroom, NONE of us use it as our sole form of communication with our students, until now. Just as you have experienced challenges as parents trying to navigate the technology side of your child’s education, most of our classroom  teachers are navigating it right along with you. To be honest, most of the students can probably navigate it better.  As I have taught the students at Powhatan, I have tried to make them problem solvers, experience new learning styles (both technology and non technology based), and try their best. That is all we expect as teachers, but even MORE so in our current situation. 

As I have been working with parents and teachers problem solving some of our technical issues, I have come across a few things I would like to share with you:


  • Gmail- All of our students have a gmail account. This is NOT a normal gmail account. It is managed by Johnston County Public Schools. This is what students should be using to access their lessons and other resources online.


  • Your Gmail vs Your Student’s Gmail- Many parents have a gmail account that stays logged in on the devices that our students are using. When your student uses it, and logs into their account, the two accounts compete. Your account wins. This is why many of you are experiencing the issue of not being able to view content. To prevent this, log out of your account, and close ALL tabs that are associated with your account. THEN have your child log in with their school account. 


  • Issues with Shared Content/Links- Some of the content that teachers are sharing is protected by copyright. We are NOT allowed to post these items to the public, however, we are allowed to share them within our classrooms- virtual classroom and live classroom settings. This is why students MUST log in with their accounts. 


  • Student Accounts- There are a few things to remember with our student accounts AND why it's GOOD for your children to use their school accounts:


  • Security-When the students use their accounts (in school AND outside of school), there are additional filters in place to help prevent some content that would NOT be blocked using other accounts or no account at all. This does not mean it will catch everything. As I tell the students, “If we tried to block everything that could potentially be inappropriate for them, we would have to block EVERYTHING.” We practice good cyber safety in class, and I expect them to do so at home as well. Using their school accounts is just an additional helper.


  • K-2- These students do NOT have email as part of their google/gmail account. When logging into mail, it will say they don’t have access. However, if you click on the “waffle button” these students will still be able to access other Google “programs” such as Google Classroom, Drive, logging in with Google Signin, etc.


  • 3-5 These students DO have email, HOWEVER, they can not email outside of the (other JCPS student emails) and (teacher and staff emails). 



  • PWES Help Desk: 
    • I have a dedicated phone number that comes straight to me that you can call for tech help. 252-371-1335
    • If you are spending more than 15 minutes trying  to access something or struggling with links, please call! Most issues are fairly easy for me to help with and can save lots of time and frustration.

I know this is a lot of information, but I hope it helps with some of the frustration when it comes to the technology part of learning from home.