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Schedule Update 1/13/21

The Johnston County Board of Education voted to
keep all K-12 students on Plan C (virtual) until Feb. 1. At that time, students who chose face-to-face instruction will return to Plan B (hybrid model). On Feb. 1, Polenta students who are enrolled in the face-to-face instruction classrooms will return to school on Plan B, which follows a two cohort model. Each cohort attends face-to-face instruction two days per week. The other three days of the week will be remote. More detailed information will be shared with parents and students soon from your child's classroom teacher. The exception to these details will effect the return of Pre-K and EC-Self Contained students, which receive four days of face-to-face instruction under the Plan B (hybrid model), and PreK and EC-Self Contained students will return on Jan. 19 to Plan B.
Virtual Only Classroom students will remain virtual, receiving 4 days of live instruction and 1 day of asynchronous instruction under Plan B.