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Schedule for Return to Building

Plan for Pre-K- 5th Grade Return

To Face to Face Instruction

On Sept. 28, Pre-Kindergarten and Self-Contained Exceptional Children classes will attend every day except Wednesday until Oct. 12.

Kindergartners will return to school in two groups during their first week. Cohort 1 will attend school face-to-face on Oct. 5 and 6. Cohort 2 will attend school face-to-face on Oct. 8 and 9. Your child's teacher will be contacting you on Monday to notify you of the dates your child will attend.

Beginning on Oct. 12, all Kindergarten, Pre-K, and K-12 Self Contained EC students will attend all five days of the week.

On Oct. 19, all students in grades 1 and 2 will begin attending school all five days under Plan A. 

On Oct. 26, all students in grades 3,4, and 5 will begin attending schools all five days under Plan A. Remote learning expectations for students continue until students are in class five days per week.


At this time, the Virtual Program will remain in place until the end of the semester. Any decisions to continue beyond the first semester have not been determined at this time.

The revised school calendars can be found on the district website.