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Banding Ceremony

“Banding” Ceremonies
Each nine weeks, teachers will recognize students from their homerooms who have exhibited exemplary behavior throughout the quarter.  At the end of each quarter, a class ceremony will be held, and these students will be issued a colorful wristband/bracelet provided by the school.  Admin will designate the date/time of “Banding” Ceremonies which will be held in classrooms.  Teachers are encouraged to post photos of their “banded” students on the wall/bulletin board outside of their classrooms.  If a student earns 4 bands during the school year, he or she will be recognized at grade-level End of Year (EOY) Awards Ceremonies; and the students’ names will be placed in a drawing for prizes.  Another perk for “banded” students is entitlement to certain privileges as specified by the teacher.
 Source: An adaptation of the George Cox Elem School model


Here are some of the special students who were recognized first quarter in Mrs. Roy's Kindergarten Class

Piper Piper Johnson awarded.