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Operation LAMB donates $1,200 to three JCPS teachers

Three exceptional children teachers in classrooms across Johnston County received more than $400 each through the Knights of Columbus “Operation LAMB” program, which is organized by The LAMB Foundation of N.C., Inc.

The funds will be used to benefit the classrooms of Pine Level Elementary teacher Sandy Farmer, Selma Elementary teacher Lalita Ragland, and West Smithfield Elementary teacher Alishia George.

​The teachers were recommended through a variety of channels and each was presented a check for $406 on Dec. 19, from the Knights of Columbus at the A.G. Glenn Building in Smithfield. Representing the Knights of Columbus was retired Johnston County Public Schools educator Will Sanders.

The LAMB Foundation of N.C., Inc. was officially incorporated in 1999 to accommodate the growth of a statewide program, Operation LAMB, conducted by the North Carolina Knights of Columbus State Council. LAMB is an acronym derived from the Biblical phrase from Matthew: “to serve the Least Among My Brethren.”

Operation LAMB began in 1960 by Past State Deputy William Scott of the Knights of Columbus. Bill and his wife, Maureen, had two children with intellectual disabilities. The Scotts saw firsthand the extra funds desperately needed by the facilities that care for, educate, and help these citizens.

St. Ann’s Catholic Church Knights of Columbus local donations have totaled more than $10,000 over past several years. This money is collected primarily by volunteers who are Knights of Columbus members, their families, friends and, in some cases, teachers and students from LAMB Foundation-sponsored exceptional children classes. Members can be easily identified because they are the ones wearing bright yellow vests and handing out Tootsie Rolls in front of local businesses.