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Ten students from NJMS represented our school at the recent MATHCOUNTS competition on Thursday, January 16th. The students were coached by Bonnie Schaffer who serves as an eighth grade math teacher. These students have been working together during JAG time on rigorous math problems since the beginning of the year in preparation for the competition. During the competition, students work together as individuals and as a team. 

Eighth grade student, Nathan Fitzgerald, received a second place medal in the individual round of the competition. He had the second highest score of all of the participating students in the district. There were at least one hundred students in the competition. Jesus Coyt, one of our seventh grade students, placed 10th  in the district in the individual round of the competition. 

Nathan Fitzgerald also won first place in the district in the Countdown round. 

The following students represented NJMS at the MATHCOUNTS competition. Eighth grade students include Laney Caviness, Nathan Fitzgerald. Noah Hales. Brayden Lawhorn. and Mudian Mustafa. Participating seventh grade students were Kate Barnes, Jesus Coyt, and Rebecca Stancil. Elmer Villagran and Avery Cahall were the two sixth grade students on the team.