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Mr. Avery's Connect Ed Message 10-13-20

Greetings Panther Families,

This is a message from NJHS about the morning and afternoon carpool. 

The Morning Carpool: 

Students being dropped off in the morning carpool line should enter campus from Highway 301. Enter the front of campus and turn right to drive across the front of the school. Students will be dropped off at the front media center breezeway. Keep in mind traffic is one-way across the front of the school. Please do not exit the vehicle until a staff member has completed the necessary COVID19 screening process. Drivers will then exit back on to highway 301 from the bus parking lot driveway. 

The Afternoon Carpool: 

Parents picking up students in the afternoon carpool should enter from Watson Road or 301. From Watson Road, turn left around the building towards the bus lot. From 301, circle around to the back of the school from the athletic fields towards the bus lot. Once yellow school buses exit campus, the carpool will continue around to the bus lot. Afternoon carpool students will exit the building by the auditorium lobby. Once loaded, afternoon carpool drivers will exit campus from the bus lot onto Highway 301. Afternoon carpool students will be dismissed at 2:15.

You can find this information posted on our website and social media platforms to include a detailed diagram of the carpool traffic pattern.


Thank you for your continued support.


Have a good evening.