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Mr. Avery's ConnectEd 5-18-2020 Concerning Grading Options Form Below

This another message from NJHS. 


Students in grades 9-11 and non-graduating seniors will be given a choice for how each final course grade will appear on the transcript for both year-long and semester courses currently in progress. 

Students may choose to either report their numeric grade or report a PC19 or WC19.


There are two options for students with Q3 final grades of 60 or above. These options are for each individual course. 

Option 1:

Student's grade will default to PC19. This means the student will receive credit for the course. Their transcript will display PC19 for the course in place of a numeric grade and there will be no impact on the student’s GPA.


Option 2:  If a student would like to report their numeric grade in the course on their transcript, they must fill out the form located on the homepage of our school’s website. By choosing this option for the course, their numeric grade will be calculated into their GPA.


Lastly, to clarify any confusion with WC19, a student who was unable to bring their grade to passing and ends up with a WC19 for Spring 2020 will have the option for credit recovery next year.  They also have the course for credit option of retaking the entire course as has always been the case.  


As always, thank you for your continued support.