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Announcements 12-6-18

Attention all FFA members, there will be an FFA meeting in the shop areas TODAY during Panther Time A.  All members are encouraged to attend.


Also, any FFA member that sold fruit should make arrangements to pick it up today..  Advisors will be staying today until 6:00 pm. If this does not work please see an advisor.


All young men who plan to try out for tennis in the spring, or young ladies planning on playing next fall who are not in a winter sport,  need to stop by Coach Anderson’s office to get the winter workout schedule.


If you are a male at least 17 ½ years old you are required by federal law to register with the U.S. Selective Service.  Failing to register will cause you to lose benefits for life that are essential for future success. You can register online at  See Student Services with questions.


All seniors should submit a copy of their college acceptance letters and any scholarship offers they receive to Student Services.


The scholarship page of our school website has been updated to include new scholarship opportunities for seniors as well as underclassmen.

The Christmas Chorus Concert entitled, “A Child’s Christmas” will be Monday night in the auditorium. It will feature a Senior pre-show Beginning at 6pm with the regular concert beginning at 7:30. The Grinch, Charlie Brown, and Frozen will be in the house! A $2 donation will be taken at the door.