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Schedules Information

We hope you are enjoying your summer! Your 2019-2020 schedule has been mailed for you to review with your parents. Please be advised that we will not be having a scheduled “Drop/Add” period once school starts. We are aware that some extenuating circumstances do arise over the summer which may alter your schedule.  Therefore, students wishing to make a revision to their schedule will be considered ONLY:


  • If you have not completed the necessary prerequisite(s)
  • If you failed a course required for graduation
  • If you have already passed a course listed on your schedule
  • If level courses (ex. Spanish I/Spanish II) are out of sequence or in the same semester


Please note: We will not be considering changes to a schedule that strictly deal with changing electives. Students had the opportunity to select their own courses during spring registration, and Student Services worked very hard to honor those requests. If your requested schedule revision falls within one of the categories listed above, please complete the Drop/Add form that will be available on July 29th at our website. Your change request can only be summited once and will be available from July 29 to August 12.


*All schedules are subject to change without notice. North Johnston HS reserves the right to change teachers, course offerings, and blocks.  Please know that some schedules will be changed due to class overcrowding, teacher availability, etc.