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Angelica Valle Leads With the Heart

Mrs. Valle is so much more than just an Instructional Assistant at our school.

She serves in our Choices room, makes copies and laminates posters for our teachers, covers classes, drives buses, makes calls and sits in meetings to interpret for parents and staff, covers at the front desk, and more - all with a smile on her face.

Mrs. Valle never complains, no matter how crazy busy things get and no matter how many places she gets pulled to at the last minute.

If anyone needs help with something, Mrs. Valle will volunteer to help without even being asked. This can be helping a student that is hurt, covering a class, finding a student, reaching a parent, and more.

She can be seen at school events during and after school, and supports other staff members at events such as Hispanic Parent Nights, Noche Latina Night, sporting events, Orientation, grade level curriculum nights, and more. 

Mrs. Valle is a well deserved Leading with the Heart Recipient.