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Beta Club Inductees

We would like to recognize students that are being inducted into the Beta Club this school year.  Being a member of the Beta Club is a high honor.  To be a member of the Beta Club, the students must have an 85% average or better in all subject areas with an overall average of 90% for 2 consecutive quarterly report cards.  To be considered for admission, students must also show leadership and good character.  They display a positive attitude appropriate to the school environment toward adults and other students.  The students being inducted this school year are: Sky Cabrera, Randi Hardee, Joshua Sandoval Cardoza, Anna Thornton, Zachary Carter, Margarita Gomez Valle, Sydnee Guin, Dylan Lee, Dillon Renfrow, Anna Wells, Mason Denning, Destiny Jackson, Kady Jones, Holt Langston, Jacob Lee, Bryant Loredo, Cayden McLamb, Anna Olive, Hayden Paulino, Audrey Peacock, Kendall Pennewill, Karadi Radford, Hannah Raynor, Amanda Tart, Wyatt Thompson, Delayna Thornton, Anna Preslee Warren, Lance Williams, and Emma Williford.