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Middle School's Math Club Lends a Hand

Meadow's Middle School Math Club, led by Mrs. Alexa Knight, 8th grade math teacher, has reached out to other grade levels to provide tutoring services.  Mrs. Knight coordinated with math teachers from 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades to see how her math club members could help support them.  She then planned various activities for her club members to work on during their club time.  On one particular Friday, some of the math club members made posters as visual aids for fourth grade math.  Other members tutored 3rd grade math students on 3.0A.1 using visual aids, while still others tutored 5th grade students on one digit divisors.  At the same time, Math Counts members (Knight leads this as well) worked diligently on Math Counts competition questions.  Mrs. Knight stated that this is the most productive club that she has ever been a part of.  She appreciates the support and cooperation of fellow staff members.  This is a prime example of how here at Meadow, we work together.  We are one tribe.  #TribePride!  #Ready2Learn!  GO INDIANS!!!!!!