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McGee's Agriculture Students Have An "Egg-cellent" Adventure

Our Agricultural Science students and FFA members enjoyed taking part in the Johnston County 4-H Program's Embryology Project over the last 3 weeks in Mrs. Spivey's classroom. Students took care of the embryonic chicks for the last two of their three week incubation period, turning the eggs daily to ensure even development and keeping check on temperature and humidity in the incubator.
We were excited to have 19 healthy chicks on campus for the week following hatch. Students gained a great deal of poultry science knowledge through this project, including: the parts of the egg, how it is developed inside the hen's body, parts of the chicken, candling eggs to determine fertilization and viability of the embryo, stages of development of the embryo throughout its 21-day incubation, and determining gender of the chicks.