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We BELIEVE In Giving Back To Our Community!

The McGee's Middle School theme this year is “We Believe”. Ms. Honeycutt's Exceptional Children's class believes goals can be achieved and lasting contributions can be made in the classroom and community. Each month this class will complete a service project by meeting a need we feel is important. Celebrations are a favorite topic with us, so this month we decided to make sure others get to celebrate as well! Students put together a “birthday kit” for the food pantry. These kits include: cake mix, baking pan, icing, candles, birthday cards, and even birthday hats! Students learned that not everyone can get all the supplies they need to celebrate milestones just from one place, so these kits will make it easier for families in need. We even decided to decorate the envelopes for the birthday cards, as a personal touch! Learning to be grateful for what we have by giving to others is what makes us Mustang Proud and Mustang Strong!

food pantry kits