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Local 8th Grader is a Real Rodeo Competitor

Mason Price Competes in Rodeos

By: Emily Castillo and Judson Julian


Did you know that eighth grader, Mason Price, rides horses in rodeos? He has been on the rodeo circuit for several years. We recently interviewed Mason about his sport.

How did you get into this sport?

“There was a rodeo in town. It was for professionals and I went there to watch. They were letting

little kids ride sheeps during the intermission.” They let me try it out.

Do you enjoy this sport?

“Yes, because it makes my adrenaline rush and it takes strength and skill for me to be able to do this sport. Not everyone can do this sport.”

What is the best part of being in this sport?

“It is fun to do and it has an amazing community. You actually support your opponent.”

What is the best way to start playing sport?

“Find a rodeo or someone who does the sport. They will most likely let you try it out.”

How many people come to watch?

“Typically about a hundred, but the most I’ve had was a couple hundred.”

Is there anyone we know in rodeos besides yourself?

“No, probably not. It’s mostly people from the mountains.”

Have you won any awards?

“Yes, I won third in the state two years ago.”