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Improving Our Facilities

McGee’s Middle Athletic Department Purchases New Lawnmower


By: Brian Rhodes, MXMS 8th Grade

Recently, I interviewed Coach Sorrel. He is the Athletic Director of the MXMS Mustangs. Coach Sorrel also teaches health & PE. Coach Sorell went to MXMS when he was in middle school. He started teaching here in January of 2018. He recently received a John Deere Z915E 6 inch zero turn tractor/lawnmower. The tractor is owned by the Johnston County Schools. It was purchase from Quality Equipment LLC, in Fuquay NC. It was bought around the end of summer and arrived at our school in August. The tractor will be used for cutting the grass on our athletic fields and other maintenance needed for the games. The money that was raised for the tractor came from athletic and school funds. We needed around 5 to 6 thousand dollars to buy the tractor.  In conclusion, Coach Sorrel is proud to have this new tractor for the athletic department.