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New Beta Club Students Initiated

MXMS Beta Club


By: Caden Adams and Luke Zitzmann


Recently, Mrs.Barbour was interviewed about the MXMS BETA club. Although she recently resigned her position as BETA club supervisor, and handed the position over to Mrs.Hanrahan, she was still able to give us insightful answers about the BETA club. Here is what Mrs. Barbour had to say.

1.What is the BETA Club? What is its purpose?

“Beta club is an organization of students and their sole purpose would be to contribute to the community and participate in community service projects. It also teaches kids how to become positive role models and leaders.”

2.What do you need to do to be eligible to become a BETA Club member?

“That would be, good behavior and at the minimum an A and B average.

3.What do BETA Club members do during the meetings?

“What they should be doing is discussing service projects and ways to help around the community.”

4.What are the advantages of being in the BETA Club?
Possibly forming new friendships, learning how to become a leader, and participating in extracurricular activities.”

5.What is the beta club initiation ceremony? When did it happen? How many children were initiated?

“The initiation ceremony is an honorary ceremony that welcomes new members and parents are able to attend to see their children’s successes. The members have to recite the pledge and light the candle to show that they are pledging that they will uphold the values of the Beta club. We had 30+ that were initiated in November.”

I hope this article managed to answer questions you may have had about our school’s BETA club.