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Mustangs SPIRIT On Display!

Spirit Week and Pep Rally

By: Bianca Reyno and Nicole Smith

Spirit Week and the Pep Rally are a great way to introduce MXMS students to our Mustangs.  It is a great way to get the crowd yelling “GO MUSTANGS!” We interviewed Mrs. Barbour about the Pep Rally, and Mrs. Fike about Spirit Week that was held in October. Both agreed that these events boost our school spirit and encourage our athletes to do well in their games.  These events also help to showcase all that the cheerleaders can do.

Recently we interviewed Mrs. Fike, who is a 7th grade ELA teacher and a football cheerleading coach.  She manages Spirit Week during football season in the week of the Homecoming game against Cleveland Middle School. Spirit Week was held on the week of October 22nd, 2018.  Coach Fike thinks that Spirit Week is a good way to encourage students to support our school through athletics. Coach Fike believes and hopes that Spirit Week helps athletes get excited for the game.  We asked Coach Fike how she comes up with Spirit Week and she replied ¨I evaluate on how successful they were the year before to see if I want to use them again and I ask staff members to see what they would be comfortable doing. I also ask cheerleaders for ideas.¨   Coach Fike´s favorite part of Spirit Week is seeing the students and staff come together and show their spirit by participating in that days theme. It usually takes her about two to three weeks to plan.

We interviewed Mrs. Barbour, who is not only the basketball cheerleading coach but she’s also a 6th grade ELA teacher, about the Pep Rally that happened on January 31st, 2019. She is the person who puts the Pep Rally together and makes it all happen. She thinks that the Pep Rally is a good way to increase the attendance of the game because she thinks that the students are more excited about it. The way that she thinks of the ideas is pretty strange; she says that she thinks of the ideas during her sleep. The Pep Rally takes a while to prepare for; it takes her about a month to plan it. She also thinks that the Pep Rally is a good way to encourage the students to come out to the game and support our Mustangs. She says that her favorite part of the Pep Rally is watching the cheerleaders shine because everyone is watching them.

In conclusion, Spirit Week and the Pep Rally are a great way for our students to show our school spirit and support our schools athletics.