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MXMS Welcomes New Band Instructor


MXMS Hires New Band Director

By:MXMS 8th graders,  Jacob Hoffman and Juddy Julian


McGee’s Crossroads welcomed a new band teacher this year, and his name is Ronald Cornelous, or Mr. C.  We were able to ask Mr. Cornelous about his feelings about some subjects, about the Winter Concert, the Student vs. Faculty Game, and about West Johnston Band Night.  Mr. C stated that he was anxious about his first concert, but to him it seemed to go really well, but he does want to work on transitions between the grade levels during the concert.  


If you are wondering what the West Johnston Band Night is, Mr. C has an abundance of information. The West Johnston Band Night is, “... an opportunity for 8th grade students to come and learn more about the music program at West Johnston High School…”  Anyone in 8th grade is welcome to go, and it is encouraged that anyone in the band program should attend. However, the Band Night is not only for McGee’s students, anyone that is interested in the program can, and should, attend.


On February 7th there was a Student vs. Faculty Game, and the band decided to drop in and play.  But the interesting part of this is, that Mr. Cornelous was not actually present at the game; the band was conducted by a pair of students.  Mr. C is not extremely concerned about the students’ behaviour during the game, as he stated when he heard the comments about the game he was proud of how the students conducted themselves.


We’re are all hoping to see Mr. Cornelous have a long and prosperous band career and wish him the best of luck!