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School Reassignment Information

Dear ECA Parents,
I am sharing information with you regarding reassignment. Parents of students that attend Early College Academy are now required to complete a reassignment form.

The purpose is to ensure all schools are aware of and accountable for where students attend school each year. We ask that you complete the following reassignment request form for the school you currently attend. This will be required each year you attend a school outside of your established attendance zone.

To complete a reassignment request click on the following link. 

Request for Student Reassignment Form

Upon completing the above link you will receive an email to the email address you enter in the form to complete the reassignment form. If you do not receive an email you will need to check your spam and trash folders.

Once you receive a green cheek you have completed the process.


"Principal Approval Process"

Upon reviewing the reassignment please check the box “This request has been reviewed by the principal. Comments:” In the comments box please state the program they have been accepted for, example: IB, AVID, Innovation Academy, CTLA, Early College, JoCo Teach, Fire Academy, IDEAL, Aviation, etc.


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this requirement.


Thank you,


Robert A. Daniels


Early College Academy