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Eighth Grade Interview and Timelines for JCECA Common Applicants

Letters to let student know whether or not they have an interview as of 03/14/19.  Please contact the school if you have not received a letter from JCECA at your home mailing address. Thank you!





Thank you for your interest and submitted Common Application for Johnston County Early College Academy. Since the Common Application closed on 02/22/19, we have begun sorting and gathering counselor data for each applicant to JCECA.  We will continue to sort and gather data through the week of March 4th through March 8th, which is also JCECA's Spring Break.  
When we return to school on Monday, March 11th we will begin mailing home letters as to which students JCECA will interview and which students will not interview with JCECA.  Interviews will take place on March 19th and 20th  as well as March 26th and 27th. Interviews will take place on Johnston Community College's Campus in the Smith Building beginning at 6:00pm and ending at 8:30pm all four interview nights.  Appointment times will be in increments of 20 minutes.  Students will receive a scheduled date and time for their interview in the letter that will be mailed home the week of March 11th if the receive an interview.    
Students who attend homeschool, private school, charter school, or schools outside of Johnston County will be interviewed April 1st through April 3rd between 9:30am and 5:00pm on Johnston Community College's Campus in Smith Building room 136.   Appointment times will be in increments of 20 minutes.  You will receive a phone call from Ms. Kelly Martin JCECA Bookkeeper who will set up a date and time for you to come to JCECA to be interviewed by March 28th at 5:00pm.   We will call the number submitted for the parent/guardian on the Common Application Part 1.  We will leave a voice message if no one answers the phone call so that you may call Ms. Martin back at (919)464-2314.  We will not do any text messaging or reminders via text for this part of the process as we are calling you from a landline.    
After the interview process ends, the JCECA Staff will meet again to make the final decision as to which 50 students who were a part of the interview process will be offered a position at JCECA.  There will also be a waitlist in case any of the students offered one of the 50 positions does not accept the position.  Letters to notify students of their acceptance or non-acceptance to JCECA will be mailed to the students' home addresses that were listed on the Common Application Part 1 the week of April 8th.  All students who were part of the interview process should receive a letter at the home mailing address that was supplied on Part 1 of the Common Application by April 19th.  Students who are offered one of the 50 positions at JCECA will need to accept or decline their position by April 26th at 4:30pm.  
Thank you again for applying to JCECA.  We look forward to moving forward with this process and meeting our new freshman class on in August.
If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to contact JCECA Principal Robert Daniels at, JCECA Counselor Rodney Allred at, or JCECA Curriculum Coordinator Dawn Blankenship, or by calling JCECA between the hours of 11:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.