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The Class of 2019: Graduation Details!

Graduation Ceremony:  The Class of 2019 will graduate on 05/17/19 at 6:00pm at Cleveland High School in the Auditorium.  The reason for not graduating on JCC's Campus is that Tart Auditorium is being remolded and will not be open until September 2019.


Number of Tickets Per Graduate:   Each student will receive 10 tickets.  Students who need more than 10 tickets are welcome to work with students who do not need all 10 of their tickets and use those for their extra guests.


Graduation Practice: The CONFIRMED date for Graduation Practice, which is MANDATORY for all students participating in the JCECA Graduation Ceremony on 05/17/19 is Wednesday, May 15, 2019 from 5:00pm -7:00pm at Cleveland High School in the Auditorium.  Graduates do NOT need to bring or wear their cap and gown to practice.  Casual dress is appropriate for this event. 

Herff Jones will be in Smith 107 at 3:30pm on 04/10/19 to hand out all Cap and Gown Packages as well as any other graduation items that you may have ordered.  Make sure to pay off your balance so that your items will be avaiable to be given to you on 04/10/19.


Senior Signing Night:  Senior Signing Night is an event where each graduate in attendance has time to speak about their learning journey through JCECA and JCC as well as people in their life whom they would like to take a moment and recognize for their contribution to the student's success.  The event will be held on 04/04/19 from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Selma Elementary School in the Auditorium.  Cupcakes and punch will be served in the lobby of the SES Auditorium after the event ends.  Invitations will be mailed to each graduate's home and to other distinguished guests by 02/28/19.  Families will need to R.S.V.P to Ms. Kelly Martin at (919)464-2314 by 04/01/19 at 5:00pm.


Cap and Gown Ordering: If you have not ordered your Cap and Gown and plan to march in the JCECA Graduation Ceremony, go to this link   A word to the wise:  Shipping rates will go up steeply as we approach the month of May.  The cost of the Cap and Gown package is $55.00 plus shipping.  

If you cannot afford a Cap and Gown and plan to participate in the JCECA Graduation Ceremony, email and let him know about your need.  Cap and Gown orders are shipped to JCECA and not your home address.  You will have your Cap and Gown handed out to you in April 2019.  I will post the date to pick up your Cap and Gown when Herf Jones let's me know the date and time that they will be handing them out. 


JCC Graduation Ceremony:  The Graduation Fair on March 14th in JCC's Booksotre located in Wilson Building from 10:00am-2:00pm and 5:00pm-7:00pm.  The Graduation Fee for JCC is $53.35 tax included.  It is payable at the Graduation Fair on 03/14/19.     

Ordering a Yearbook for 2018-2019:  Click here to order your 2018-2019 JCECA Yearbook.


Buying a Senior Yearbook Ad: Click here for the details and link to both purchase and design a Senior Yearbook Ad.  THE LAST DAY TO PURCHASE A SENIOR YEARBOOK AD IS 04/18/19.