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March 8th Students of the Week

6th Grade Student of the Week 3/8-3/12
Jayla Horne

Jayla is a joy to teach. She attends every class, participates and asks questions. She is kind to others and is willing to help students who do not understand a concept. In Spanish class, she has been willing to participate and say things in Spanish, even though, at first, she didn't think she could and was very nervous. Keep up the good work, Jayla!


7th Grade Student of the Week 3/8-3/12
Donovan Wright

Donovan exemplifies the characteristics of student of the month. Donovan is always on time for class, prepared and willing to participates. Donovan prides himself in completing all work with quality and correctness. Donovan is a classroom leader through participating in class discussions and assisting others.


8th Grade Student of the Week 3/8-3/12
Bobby Long

Bobby is always on task and participates in class. He is proactive in getting his work done and keeping up with class notes and assignments. He is respectful and compassionate. He works with our Self Contained Autistic students as a Peer Helper and is a wonderful role model and example.