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March 1 Students of the Week

Swift Creek Middle School is proud to announce our students of the Week for the week of March 1-5.

6th Grade Student of the Week 
Alana Starling
Alana has been amazing all year! She has shown that she wants to continue to improve in all areas. Even though her grades are excellent she is constantly asking questions and wanting to learn more. She is self-motivated. Not only is her school work exemplary, but she drives many of our in class discussions. We recently conducted a Socratic Seminar, which is a student led discussion. She look the initiative to keep the conversation moving adding pertinent comments and questions throughout. She has been an absolute pleasure to teach and she has helped to facilitate the whole culture of the classroom. There is not a day that will go by that she doesn't tell her teachers to have a great day before she leaves and she always asks how their day is going when she joins the class. She is just an absolute joy to teach!


7th Grade Student of the Week 
Julia Naylor
Julia has done an incredible job all year. She always shows up to class, completes her assignments on time, and works so hard on everything she does. Her teachers are so proud of her progress and determination!


8th Grade Student of the Week 
Evelyn Roman
Evelyn is cheerful and polite and has rocked her 8th grade year as a virtual student. She always comes to class on time (if not the first one), she is always prepared with her materials and turns all her work in on time. She constantly participates in the chat during Goggle Meets and is quick to ask questions when she needs clarification. Evelyn works hard both during and outside of class and strives to be successful. She is an absolute delight to teach!