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January Character Traits

January Students of the Month

These students were chosen to represent their class as the student of the month for January because they demonstrated Dependability. These students were trustworthy and reliable.


Students are in no particular order.


Marley Rowe, Maximilian Trejo, Brayden Griffin, Riley Phillips, Mason Schuck, Kenley Walls, Abbie Hough, Dominic Vogt, Emmanuel Altamirano, Mason Rowe, Arely Rodriguez-Garcia, Westin Brock, Ana Brubaker, Genna Auton, Shermya Godwin, Yerik Pacheco Ibarra, Audrey Wood, Greyson Parker, Jayden Tyson, Stephanie Sanchez, Hadley Schultze, Morgan Bailey, Ariana Elias, Vanessa Castillo, Kandice Newcomb, Patrick Holley, Skyal Grey.