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Kindergarten Orientation



We are excited about receiving your child into our school family!  We look forward to getting to know you and your child. We appreciate the interest and the input from community and parents and the commitment that the Board of Education has made to Early Childhood.  In an effort to ensure a quality beginning for each child, Johnston County Schools has scheduled a staggered entry for the 2019-2020 school year for our kindergarten children. The State Department of Public Instruction has recognized the importance of quality school entry by allowing up to ten days of staggered entry.  Our staggered entry will be a nine day process, which includes:


Days 1-4 (August 26-29) - Scheduled student assessment in small groups

The 2019-2020 school year will begin for each parent and child with and individual student screening and parent/teacher orientation during the first seven regular school days of the school year.  Your child’s first experience at school will be at this individual orientation. It will be an opportunity that will enable us to get acquainted with each other and share information together about expectations, curriculum, scheduling, and other important issues.  It will also provide an opportunity for personal interactions with your child. Teachers are assigned after the individual student screenings are complete.  


Day 5 - (August 30) - Establish  Class Rosters and phone calls home for Homeroom and Orientation Information


Day 6 - (Sept 3) - Classroom Preparations


Day 7 - (Sept 4) - Class Orientations 1:00 and 5:00


Day 8 - (Sept 5) - Half class will attend for class orientation and first day

Boo Hoo/YA-Hoo Breakfast for parents in the media center.  

Day 9 - (Sept 6) - The other half of the class will attend for class orientation and first day

Boo Hoo/YA-Hoo Breakfast for parents in the media center.  


The eighth and ninth days of school will allow us to provide full-day orientation with half of the students in the class each day within a small class situation.  Half of the students in the class will attend on the eight day. These students will then stay home on the ninth day and the other half will come to school. We will notify you on August 30th which day your child will attend. 

Day 10 - (Sept 9) - All students attend school together for the first time

On the tenth day of school, September 9, 2019, ALL kindergarten students will attend class together.  We are excited about providing a personal opportunity to meet with each parent and child. We will contact you as soon as students are placed in classes.  We need and want your support. Let’s work together to ensure only the best for each child who comes to school in Johnston County.


We look forward to starting this journey with you!

Letters will be mailed August 12th with information about assessment appointment times. 


Jamie Tyler, Principal            

Kindergarten Team:  

Taylor Bradley, Alicia Clinton, Amy Crute, 

Melanie Johnson, Holly Morris, Lillie Salisbury