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Jelani Harris recognized at board meeting

Congratulations to 5th grader Jelani Harris for representing our school as the Character Ed recipient at this month’s board meeting.  

East Clayton Elementary school is proud to recognize Jelani Harris for the character trait of respect. Jelani shows respect anywhere he is in the school building. He is always willing to be a friend to our new students and to help them learn to adjust to life as an East Clayton Explorer. Jelani makes sure everyone is included at recess and always uses his manners when speaking to others.  When asked about why he shows respect, Jelani notes that his parents always encourage him to be kind to others.  He explains, "Being respectful means you have a bunch of manners and you help others when they need help.  If someone drops their things, you should always stop to help them."
His teachers see Jelani show these actions each day at East Clayton.  They report that Jelani goes above and beyond to help his teachers and others. The staff at East Clayton Elementary is proud to recognize Jelani for his strong character, and are thankful that he can be a role model for all of our Explorers, as we strive to display in action our AHOY expectations.   We are so very proud to have Jelani as a student at East Clayton Elementary!