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Connect Ed Message 8/05/2021

Hello, this is Amy Creed, principal of Dixon Road Elementary with some important information. Our back-to-school orientation for students in 1st through 5th grades will take place on Wednesday, August 18th from 4-6 pm. Please come during that time as your schedule allows. Postcards will be mailed to each student on Friday, August 13th containing orientation information and teacher assignment. Bus information, carpool tags, and before & aftercare information will be available in the media center. There will be a table in the main hallway where you can join our awesome PTO that supports our school in so many ways. We also still have about 50 yearbooks available for $20 each. Stop by the office if you'd like to purchase one.

 As most of you already know, the Johnston County Public School Board of Education voted to make face coverings for students and adults optional this school year. Therefore, you have the choice as to whether or not you and your family will wear masks at orientation. We do ask that you socially distance as much as possible during orientation. While visiting your child's classroom, you will be asked to complete a form that will record your attendance and ask you to state your decision as to whether or not your child is to wear a mask while at school. The first day of school is Monday, August 23rd. If your child needs bus transportation this year and was not assigned to a bus last school year, please call the school Monday. Those requesting transportation this late in the summer cannot be guaranteed ridership on the first day of school; however, the district's transportation department is doing its best to assign students to buses.

If you have any questions concerning orientation or the beginning of school, please feel free to call the school office. Thank you and have a great day.