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CHHS JROTC Competes, Takes Third

On Saturday, October 15, the CHHS JROTC Cadet Raiders Team placed third in Clayton High School's annual Ironman team competition.  It is a competition of strength, speed, teamwork, and endurance. This year, eight of the best Army, Navy, and Air Force JROTC Raider/Fitness teams from as far away as Cumberland County competed in six grueling events including the 8x200m race, sandbag carry and weighted sled pulls, the bench press, pull-ups and a dodgeball tournament. 
This year's team, lead by cadet 1LT Brian Kaufman and co-captain cadet Staff Sergeant Noah Brackman, cadet Staff Sergeant Juan Rodriguez, cadet Sergeant Bret Alford, cadet Corporal Kyle Woodard, cadet PFC Torricelli, and first year cadets Deans, Keener, and McLaurin.  This is the team's first competition of the season.