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Pirate Cheerleader Makes History, All-State Cheer

Corinth Holders High School cheerleader Beth Langley made school history recently by being the first cheerleader from the school selected for the All-State Cheer team. She was also selected as All-Region. Beth has cheered all three years she has been at Corinth. As a freshman, she was a junior varsity cheerleader, and she has been a varsity cheerleader since her sophomore year. In addition, she is a member of the varsity Stunt team. To be selected for All-Region, Beth had to complete a video tryout, which included a cheer, a dance, a single jump, a combination jump, standing tumbling, and a running tumbling pass. This year, sixty-one cheerleaders from across the state were selected as All-Region cheerleaders. These cheerleaders were invited to a live tryout to be selected for the All-State team. At the live tryout, Beth had to cheer, jump, tumble, and stunt. From the
sixty-one All-Region cheerleaders, twenty-eight made the All-State team for 2022.

The All-Region and All State programs aim to recognize outstanding cheerleaders across the state. While All-Region is a recognition-only designation, All-State cheerleaders represent their school at the NC East-West All-Star games held each July in Greensboro, NC. These athletes spend five days learning cheers, stunts, pyramids, and a competition-caliber routine that is performed at the halftimes of the basketball and football games and at the NCCCA Summer Conference.