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Ag Teacher Matt Barnhill Named Pirate of the Month

Mr. Matt Barnhill has been named the CHHS Staff Pirate of the Month.

Mr. Barnhill goes above and beyond for our school every day.  He works hard to provide his students with engaging lessons (even through the pandemic) and makes sure that his in-person students are receiving hands-on lessons.  He continues to strive for excellence in his program through FFA to give his students further opportunities in the Ag industry and to keep them connected to our school when it is easy for them to feel disengaged.  He is a wonderful co-worker who goes out of his way for his department and is always lending someone a helping hand.  He has been a huge part of all senior activities that have gone on through this year and has worked hard (and is still working) on our seniors graduation celebration.  Overall, Mr. Barnhill works day in and day out to make CHHS the best place it can be for our students and staff.  He puts in many unpaid hours that often times goes unnoticed, but he does it because he loves our school and our kids.  

Congratulations to Mr. Barnhill! Your dedication as a Pirate is appreciated daily.