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Automotive Students Help Bicycle Man, Community For Holidays

CHHS Pirates are making waves! On Wednesday, Mr. Massey's automotive courses took a trip down to Fayetteville recently to assist with bicycle repairs at a shop called "The Bicycle Man." They helped repair and restore old or donated bikes that will then be given to needy families this holiday season. The shop owner was very pleased to have students from Johnston County come and work on their large stock of donated bicycles. By the end of the day, Mr. Massey and his students had worked on 30+ bikes as well as helped clean out and straighten up the shop.

Restoring some bikes!

Several CHHS students working together to restore bicycles that will be donated to families throughuot Fayetteville.

Mr. Massey assisting students

Mr. Massey leading through teaching!

The whole CHHS group

Students included Alex Veyst, Cooper Johnson, David Bizzel, Emely Vences, Everett Penny, Gavin Ellul, Isabell Pinon, Jacob Johnson, Jose Diaz, Joshua Kaufman, Juwan Washington, Nick Pereira, Rodrigo Sanchez, Thomas Elliott, & William Bumpers