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TSA States: Uncharted Territory

The CHHS Technology Student Association attended the NCTSA Conference in Greensboro April 22-24. 

A major milestone was the debut of our VEX Robotics team, led by Eric Johns. The robot was a new venture executed by Eric along with Josh Vinson, Joshua Kaufman, Juan Echeverry, and Thomas Bland. Our robot, "Hook", struggled at first, but won its last game! For our first year in this venture, it was truly amazing! We hope to grow this program and come back even stronger next year.
Many of our students faced uncharted territory, new challenges, and things that didn't quite go as planned. All in all, they handled it with class. After all, smooth seas never make for a skilled sailor! (Or Pirate!)
Many of our students were top twelve finalists. For most of these events, this is our first time making the finalist list!
2D CAD (Anthony Moretti, Andrew McGriff, Emily Royal)
Children's Story (Taylor King, Tiffany Vann, Brianna Vonderhaar)
CO2 Dragster (Joshua Kaufman)
Digital Video Production Team 1 (Ethan Palmer, Conor O'Doherty, Zach Sharpe, Zack Hall, Anthony Moretti)
Digital Video Production Team 2 (Jake Gallons, Eric Heiner, Luke Miedema, Xander Vick, Rory O'Doherty, Jacob Stiltner)
Engineering Design (Josh Vinson, Thomas Bland, Joshua Kaufman, Juan Echeverry)
On Demand Video (Ethan Palmer, Jacob Stiltner, Jake Gallons, Conor O'Doherty, Zach Sharpe, Zack Hall, Anthony Moretti)
Photographic Technology (Caroline Barber)
Video Game Design (Alex Bernard, Molly Barber, Roger Barber)
One of our students brought home a trophy - and we are incredibly proud of his hard work and perseverance! He was a top twelve finalist last year. This year, he was determined to place and attend Nationals. Congratulations Anthony Moretti, 2nd place in 2D Architectural Computer Aided Design!
TSA Group
Anthony comes in 2nd!