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Media Center Donation by One Compassion

Thank you for One Compassion’s recent donation to Cooper Academy’s Media Center. This generous gift allowed our school to add 185 new titles from the Bedford Falls Book Fair held at Cooper Academy October 25-29, 2021. 

As you know, our entire student body is working diligently to read one million pages by the end of the 2021-2022 school year. Our scholars have risen to the challenge, but are in need of exciting (and current) publications. The books purchased with One Compassion’s contribution reflect some of our regularly requested (and not always available) materials. Our most frequently circulated items--graphic novels, picture books, and chapter books--were expanded. Nonfiction books added included popular topics such as sports, cookbooks, and dinosaurs (to name a few.) 

In addition, two specific collection goals we are focusing on this year in the media center include books featuring diverse characters (every student should see himself or herself reflected in their library) and social emotional learning. We were able to make strides towards both goals with many of the 185 titles purchased. 

Thank you for helping our Rocket Readers expand their educational horizons!  We appreciate your support!