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Connect Ed Message from the Principal - Exam Updates

Good evening Parents, this is Jenna Sauls Hairr, your Principal,  

We would like to provide an update to parents and guardians of options to complete state-mandated End-of-Course (EOC) and Career/Technical Education Post Assessment testing.

As we enter the first semester exam week, we encourage our students to do their very best on their final exams.  As a reminder, please refer to our website for a complete listing of the exam schedule, which includes all state-mandated exams as well as teacher-made exams.  State-mandated exams will be administered on campus while teacher-made exams will be administered virtually.  Students reporting to campus will be screened beginning at 6:45.  Students will need to bring their own pencils, headphones and a note to leave after the testing session. Buses will run each day after exams at 12:15 and all students are expected to be off campus by 12:15.

While we would strongly encourage students to take the assessment upon immediate completion of the course to enable students to better demonstrate content knowledge, we do recognize there are concerns due to Covid.  Therefore, the following alternate testing time frames will be available if your student cannot test during the scheduled exam window of December 14 - 18.

Our school will have the following make-up windows: January 4 - February 12 and May 24 - May 28.

It is important to note that students who do not complete their exam by Jan. 5th will receive an “incomplete” for the course.  This could impact driver’s license and athletic eligibility.  

Please note that we realize these are challenging and difficult times for our school families.  Therefore, the State Board of Education has allowed districts flexibility in the scoring of state assessments.  The exam scoring process will minimize the impact of low assessment scores on the student’s final average, ensuring that the state assessment is not the sole reason for a student failing a course.  Again, we encourage all students to do their very best on their exams, demonstrating what they have learned this semester.

Please refer to our school website for additional information or if you have questions contact the school at 919-934-2455.

Thank you so much for your support and have a wonderful weekend!

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