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Morning Announcements 2-4-19

Attention Juniors: You will take the ACT here on February 20th. It will begin at the start of the school day. It does not count as an absence for JCC or CCP. Pay close attention to the ACT Tip of the Day your teachers are showing you. There is no cost as this is a mandatory test by the State Department of Public Instruction. Stay tuned for more information closer to test day. 2/14


Senior Ball tickets are still being sold until February 8th in Pearce’s room, 226. 2/7


If you are interested in working on the crew for Funny Girl, please attend the interest meeting on Thursday, 2/7, B Lunch in Townsend’s room,507. 2/6


The Library will be closed today during lunch due to CCP appointments. 2/4


Come show your support by wearing black at the First United home basketball game! It’s next Tuesday the 5th at 2:30. Admission is free, see you there! 2/5