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Meet the Author!

On Friday, March 8th, established author and Johnston County teacher, Chad Culver, came and spoke to Mrs. Slominany's Creative Writing class. Mr. Culver has written and published three popular books and is currently working on his fourth and fifth book as we speak. Students were excited to ask questions and get help from someone who has gone through the writing process successfully and learn from a professional. 
One of the best writing motivational tips Mr. Culver gave during his presentation was "follow your passion; if I can be a writer, so can you. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and move it (the writing) forward every day. Remember, writing is about the experiences along the way". 
There are so many great things happening right here at Cleveland!
Student listen to a video on Mr. Culver's work.
Mrs. Slomiany's Creative class with Mr. Culver