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CvHS FFA cashes in BIG!

On Wednesday, January 16th, the Johnston County Education Foundation awarded the FFA with a check for $1130. This grant money will be used to develop a live poultry area and coop to will allow CvHS students in several classes to gain an understanding of food production on a small scale while gaining a variety of concepts along the way.

Initially, students in agricultural mechanics will design and build a chicken coop to house our live laying hens and roosters.  Animal Science students will research and incubate eggs from appropriate breeds of poultry for the poultry lab. They will also learn the appropriate feed to provide during different stages of development.  The introduction to agriscience classes will aid in collection and candling eggs to be distributed to potential outlets such as community customers, program activities, and foods classes. Cross curriculum with Foods classes can lead to both group of students learning to candle eggs for quality purposes and apply common USDA standards. 

This activity will allow students to see careers, use practices at home, and learn skills from the Poultry Industry.