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It's LIGHTS OUT in Creative Writing!

Students in Mrs. Slominany's creative writing class have been working on poetry for a couple weeks. She recently introduced them to "Black Out" Poetry. 

To help understand this concept, read the explanation below written by E. CE Miller for

"The basic premise behind blackout poetry — also sometimes referred to as found poetry or erasure poetry, though there are distinctions between the three — is that the poet takes a found document, traditionally a print newspaper, and crosses out a majority of the existing text, leaving visible only the words that comprise his or her poem; thereby revealing an entirely new work of literature birthed from an existing one. The striking imagery of the redacted text — eliminated via liberal use of a black marker (hence: “blackout” poetry) — and the remaining readable text work together to form a new piece of visual poetry."

A few of Mrs. Slomiany's students created some exemplary examples:

blackout     slom2    

slom4   slom4

 slom   slom5


**Due to the emotional transparency of the topics, the writers have asked to be kept anonymous.