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Update Week of October 24th

Good evening Comets, this is Bennett Jones, principal of Clayton High School, with announcements for the upcoming week October 24th - 28th.

This week we will be on our normal COMET Time schedule. As a reminder, students must sign up for COMET Time for each day and must attend their chosen locations. If students do not report or sign up, they will be placed in COMET Time detention for a determined number of days. Also, students who may be struggling academically or behaviorally, can be assigned to required tutorials by teachers and must attend those sessions until their performance in a class improves. Remember, this is the last week of the 1st quarter. It is important for all students to finish in a strong manner as the quarter grade accounts for 40% of the overall grade for the course.

Students who have missed 5 or more days in a particular block must complete the attendance waiver form in order to receive their numerical grade for the quarter. JCPS has an attendance policy which states that students who miss more than 4 days in a class will receive a grade of 59, unless they have an approved waiver. Even if the days that have been missed are excused, students still need to complete the waiver. If you have a question about whether or not a student needs to complete it, go ahead and fill out the form. Any medical or parent notes that need to be provided can be turned in at the main office or by emailing our registrar Lynn Rodgers.

On Tuesday of this week, all students will be receiving training regarding the Say Something Reporting App which is designed to help keep our school environment safe. I ask for all students to pay attention to this important information on Tuesday as all of us working together is a vital component of keeping our school community as safe as possible. On a similar note, remember that all students are required to have their student ID each day. Students should have these on them daily for safety and security on our campus. If an adult asks a student to show them their ID, it is the expectation that students comply.

Next, this is a reminder that next Monday, October 31st is a teacher workday and there will be no school for students on that day.

Finally, on Tuesday, November 1st, all CHS students will be reporting to advisory for a college & career readiness day. Sophomore students will be taking the required PreACT. Juniors will be completing ACT prep assignments and career readiness assessments. Seniors will be receiving information regarding FAFSA, resume and career preparation, and college application assistance. Freshmen students will be completing their 4-year high school plans and taking career interest surveys. Again, this advisory schedule will run from 7:15 - 11:15 on Tuesday, November 1st.

We look forward to another great week in Comet Country as we work to close out the first quarter in strong fashion. I thank you for your continued support and for being COMETS ALL IN. Have a good night.