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CHS Weekly Update - 10/2/22

First, I want to thank all of the students, staff members, and parents who helped make Homecoming 2022 a great success despite us having to adjust things off of Friday. Congratulations to our Homecoming Court, our clubs and groups on a fantastic parade, and to our student leaders for a great pep rally. I know that one of the spirit days was lost due to no school on Friday…we will reschedule that theme later in the year when we do our Spring Spirit Week.

This week we will be on our normal COMET Time schedule. As a reminder, students must sign up for COMET Time for each day and must attend their chosen locations. If students do not report or sign up, they will be placed in COMET Time detention for a determined number of days. Also, students who may be struggling academically or behaviorally, can be assigned to required tutorials by teachers and must attend those sessions until their performance in a class improves.

Students and parents, thank you for your help last week in working to reduce student tardiness. Please continue to have students at school by 7:10 and students need to move to class on time to avoid consequences for excessive tardiness.

Also, this is a reminder that all students are required to have their student ID each day. Students should have these on them daily for safety and security on our campus. If an adult asks a student to show them their ID, it is the expectation that students comply.

Finally, this is a reminder that parents and students can check a student's academic progress in PowerSchool. We are just past the halfway point in the quarter and it is important for students to stay up to date with assignments in each of their courses. Parents, if you need PowerSchool access for your student, you may send a request to our registrar Lynn Rodgers for access assistance.

We look forward to another great week in Comet Country