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Weekly Update September 19th - 23rd

This week, we are attempting again to start our COMET Time schedule. In order for it to begin, we need all students to claim their account and to login into the system. The period of signing up for tomorrow begins at 7:00 PM tonight until 9:00 AM tomorrow morning. Again, if we obtain our 90% participation rate, we will start having the COMET Time schedule. If not, we will use the schedule we did last week. I will make an announcement at the end of 1st block tomorrow morning with the final schedule.

Also, it is important for all students to be aware of the COMET Time expectations.Here is a link to the Student Manual for COMET Time. Students must follow the guidelines established for COMET Time - those who do not will be assigned COMET Time detention. If you are a student with early release, you should select “OFF CAMPUS TIME” as your selection. Juniors and Seniors, please make note of the off-campus option available and parents please complete the required authorization form. No students may leave campus without an authorization form on file.

This is a reminder that all students are required to have their student ID each day. Students will be issued a lanyard and card holder. Students should have these on them daily for safety and security on our campus. If an adult asks a student to show them their ID, it is the expectation that students comply. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary consequences.

I will send a separate email this evening regarding the 2022 Homecoming Court. Please note that the Homecoming Parade will be held on Tuesday, September 27th at 6:00 PM and will precede the Annual PowderPuff game at 7:00 that evening.

Next, this is a reminder that this Friday, September 23rd is a required workday and there will be no school for students.

We have seen an increase in the number of tardies to class. Please be aware that all students are expected to be in class on time each day. Excessive tardies will result in consequences including COMET Time detention and possibly in-school suspension.

Finally, I want to remind all students of our school expectations. We have seen lately an increase in disruptive behaviors that will not be tolerated in our school environment. Students are expected to adhere to all JCPS policies for student conduct and those who choose to not follow those guidelines will receive consequences in accordance with JCPS policies.

We look forward to another great week in Comet Country