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CHS Weekly Update for May 16th - 20th

Yearbook orders have closed. When books arrive, there will be a limited number available for purchase from the front office for $75. This will be advertised when they arrive. In addition, the yearbook staff is offering a separate 8-page insert that will cover prom, graduation, and other junior and senior-related activities from the spring. This insert will be $10, and will come later in the summer. All special insert orders must be made through Mr. Peake, and must be paid in exact cash or a check to CHS.

AP makeup exams will be coordinated by Ms. Hardison. Any student who missed an AP exam will communicate with her for the makeup session.

The spring 2022 exam schedule begins on May 24th for 9th grade students and May 26th for all grades. Each student should review this information and plan accordingly. Remember that the final exam counts as 20% of the final course average. As a reminder, once students complete the final exam and all course work for a class, attendance ends and any absences thereafter are waived.

Speaking of attendance waivers, any student who has missed more than 4 class periods in a course this quarter or more than 8 total absences in a class this semester must complete the attendance waiver form. The deadline for requesting an attendance waiver is Tuesday, May 24th at 11:59 PM.

Information regarding summer school will be available on the CHS Summer Learning Website. Students and parents should check their emails tomorrow morning for a link to the website where you will find information regarding registration, transportation requests, and the summer testing schedule. Flyers will also be posted throughout the school with information for students to sign up for the summer learning program which will run from June 13th - June 30th. Also, students in EOC classes will receive information regarding remediation and retesting options on June 6th, 7th, and 8th should they not meet proficiency standards on the first attempt.

Senior parents, please be advised that you will get a separate communication each week regarding senior events and announcements. Seniors and parents should check their email regularly for information for the remainder of the school year.

Finally, we are down to just 6 days remaining before our first exams for 9th grade students and 8 days remaining for 10th - 12th grade exams. It is important for all students to take advantage of each day and class period to complete all assignments and to prepare the best they can to finish in strong fashion. As we are working hard to the finish, I will not tolerate any disciplinary issues or disruptions to the learning environment. Thus, students who do not follow our expectations will receive school consequences and be sent home. It is important that we have a safe and orderly environment over the next few weeks so that our students can maximize their learning and do their very best to close out the year. Thank you for your cooperation of these efforts, for all of your continued support, and for being Comets ALL IN, have a good night and a great week ahead!