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Weekly update for October 25th - 29th, 2021

This week we will have our normal schedule on Monday through Wednesday with 3rd block clubs meeting on Thursday and 4th block clubs meeting on Friday. Please refer to the normal daily schedule and club schedules that are linked for daily information.

Students are encouraged to check their emails daily for information, including the Comets’ Tale, which goes out each day with school information and announcements.

Grades from the first quarter have been posted and are available in the PowerSchool portal. Students and parents are encouraged to communicate with teachers regarding their course progress and any attendance issues. As a reminder, Evening Academy is available Monday - Thursday each week for additional assistance for students. Evening Academy has its own website which can be found linked to the main CHS webpage. Remember, students must sign up daily in order to attend Evening Academy, this is a change from the first quarter. At this time students can plan ahead and sign up two weeks in advance. If your student requires transportation, be sure to have them fill out the 'Transportation Request Form' found on the Evening Academy website.

Next, there are a couple of procedural issues that need to be addressed. First, food delivery services like Door Dash and Grubhub are not accepted at the school and will not be distributed by the front office. Parents can speak with the front office staff if you have any concerns regarding food delivery. Second, students are not allowed to loiter on campus before or after school. When students arrive in the morning, they should report to the cafeteria for breakfast or directly to their first class. In the afternoons, the campus closes at 2:30 for students and after that time, all students must be with a coach, teacher, advisor, or in the Evening Academy.

Finally, we are having a continued issue with student tardies and not being in their assigned location. As we know that transitions are tight, there is a 2-minute sweep of hallways at the beginning of each block. Anyone in the hallway after that 2-minute sweep ends will be marked tardy and could be deemed as skipping. As a reminder, per JCPS policy, two tardies equals one absence which would result in students having to make up time in the evening academy. This policy is also important to remember in the morning as there are several student drivers and carpool students who are arriving late to campus in the morning. Please communicate with your student and adjust schedules as needed to ensure that students are in class on time.