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Weekly Update - 9/6/21

 Thank you for all of your cooperation last week as we have settled into the school year. This week, we will be following our new daily schedule without an advisory period and with structured lunches during 4th block. 

In regards to lunch, students eating lunch from the cafeteria will be able to sit in the cafeteria beginning tomorrow. Seats will be socially distanced and only students eating will be allowed in the cafeteria. Students will also be able to sit outside in the courtyard and in the old gym during lunch.

Pictures for seniors will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. Appointment information has been sent to senior emails. Pictures for 9th - 11th grade students will be on Friday, September 17th.

Student devices continue to be checked out for student use. Please be sure that your student brings their device for class each day and that they are cared for properly.

Next, there are two issues with which I need your help to reiterate to your student. First, the school dress code is clearly outlined in JCPS policy. Specifically, students are not to wear tops that show bare midriffs and tank tops must meet the guidelines outlined in the policy. Also, hoods are not to be worn at any time in the school building.

Second, as you are aware I am sure, there have been cases across the state of violence on campus. While not to that level, we have had students make poor choices on our campus resulting in confrontations and disruptions. Please know that students are responsible for their actions and behaviors. Students that choose to be involved in situations that disrupt our school environment will receive serious consequences. Students are expected to follow directives of adults and to abide by the guidelines outlined in the JCPS Code of Student Conduct. We take school safety seriously and acts of hostility, violence, and bullying will not be tolerated.

Finally, I again reiterate that we continue to follow the current Covid trends and numbers. Please communicate with an administrator or teacher if your student tests positive or is deemed a close contact by a medical provider. Students that are out will be given access to digital platforms or hardcopy assignments for students to complete while out so that they can stay connected to the course material. Please encourage your student to keep communicating with their teachers to stay up to date.