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Weekly Update 8/29/21

Weekly update for August 29th - September 3rd.

First of all, let me say to everyone thank you for the tremendous cooperation and support last week. We know it was challenging with starting a new school year routine, but each day got better and better throughout the week. The traffic got better around the school each day and our students are doing a great job in getting where they need to be on time and following all of our protocols. I also enjoyed speaking to each class in our assemblies last week and the awesome senior breakfast on Friday was a great way to end the week.

A few items for this week. On Tuesday, August 31st we will have our Open House from 6:00-8:00 PM. The event begins with the CHS PTSA business meeting in the Adams Gym at 6:00 PM. PTSA Membership is $10 and can be done online from the link off of the parents tab on the CHS website or in person Tuesday. Following this short meeting, teachers will be in their classrooms for parents to visit with them. This will be a free flowing event, however, we will ring chimes to signify for parents to move from one block to the next. There will also be athletic booster passes for sale in the gym lobby. For senior parents, there will be a senior parent meeting at 7:00 that evening in the CHS cafeteria. As a reminder for all attendees, masks are required for everyone while in the buildings on JCPS campuses.

Next, please know that last week’s heat wave took a tremendous toll on our HVAC systems. We are aware that several locations were uncomfortable throughout the week and have been working with JCPS facility services to make repairs. We will continue to evaluate and address as needed and will provide alternate locations for students on campus if needed.

We are in the process of leveling classes...we have over 200 new students to our school and are very close to surpassing 2000 students total in our school. This has meant that some classes were too large and we need to make changes to level those areas by opening new sections or switching some of the times when a student may take a course. We will be contacting students if their schedule was switched around or if their teacher was changed due to a new section being created. Please remember that our first priority is to put students in the classes that they need while meeting the needs of our school overall. We may not always be able to accommodate a particular block or teacher for a specific class.

All student drivers are required to have purchased a parking pass. The stickers will be delivered to students this week. As a reminder, only seniors may park in the senior lots beside the baseball field and beside the new gym. We will begin citing cars that are not authorized to be on campus. Also, if you choose to park on a town street or surrounding business parking lot, you are subject to a citation if you park in unauthorized areas.

As a reminder for carpool students, you should not be picked up on Fayetteville Street. There are clearly marked no parking zones in front of the school and those will be enforced by Clayton Police for those vehicles that stop and park waiting for students to load or unload.

Finally, we are all aware of the current Covid trends and numbers. Please communicate with an administrator or teacher if your student tests positive or is deemed a close contact by a medical provider. Students that are out will be given access to digital platforms or hardcopy assignments for students to complete while out so that they can stay connected to the course material. Please encourage your student to keep communicating with their teachers to stay up to date.