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Update: February 22-26th, 2021

 February 22nd-26th, 2021

Weekly Update - 2/21/21

Good evening Clayton High School students and parents, this is Bennett Jones, principal of Clayton High School with the weekly update for the upcoming week, February 22nd-26th, 2021.


First, this is a reminder that we will have 2 state-mandated testing days this week. On Tuesday, all juniors will be taking the ACT on campus. On Thursday, all sophomores will be taking the PreACT on campus. On both of these days, only the students that are testing will be on campus -- all other grades will be in remote, asynchronous learning. The only exception is that all self-contained EC students will attend all 4 days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday).


Both juniors and sophomores should report on their testing day at 7:15. Those that need transportation to school will be contacted by the bus driver. The tests will end at approximately 11:30 and students may be dismissed at this time. Any junior or sophomore that remains on campus after testing will be in a study hall location for the remainder of the school day. These state-mandated tests are factored in our school accountability and are important for students to measure their college-readiness. Information regarding testing can be found on our testing page on the CHS website.


Again, this means that cohort A will only meet on Monday and cohort B will only meet on Friday. Students that are remote should be sure to check their teacher sites for assignments and course content materials.


Next, students that are encountering academic difficulties are encouraged to utilize the ALL IN block when on campus to get additional support in their classes. Students working virtually should contact their teacher to arrange for times for individualized support sessions via video conferencing.


Lastly, there are a couple of quick items for seniors. Any senior that wants to make up their cap and gown pictures should fill out the appointment form for Tuesday. Information can be found on the CHS website. Finally, I recognize that information was sent by the district regarding possible prom and graduation plans. As we continue to explore options, I will be meeting with different groups to discuss our plans. I will have a virtual senior parent meeting on Monday, March 1st at 6:30 PM. I would ask that our senior parents would attend this meeting before doing anything else in planning events for our seniors on their own.


Thank you all for your continued support and for being Comets ALL IN, have a good night.26