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Update: February 1st - 5th, 2021

 February 1st - 5th, 2021


As you know, beginning tomorrow February 1st, we will provide face-to-face instruction for students who are in Cohort 1. The students in Cohort 2 will begin on Thursday, February 4th. Students have been notified via email as to their particular cohort. As a reminder, the Plan B student/parent guide has been developed and is available at this link. There is also a 30-minute video from last semester that you can review that covers this guide in detail and you can find updated frequently asked questions. There is also a traffic flow video that is available at this link that outlines school arrival processes for any that may not have been on campus last semester.

Bus route information was shared by bus drivers directly to students if it was changed from last semester. As a reminder for in-person learning, all students will have to be screened upon arrival to campus and must wear masks at all times. As was the case last semester, students will report to their Advisory in the morning -- Advisory information can be found in the Block C on the student’s PowerSchool schedule. As these may have changed, I encourage all students to check their PowerSchool schedules and to assist, these lists will also be posted across the campus this week.

Please note that we will continue to utilize a staggered entry schedule this semester. Students may not enter the building until 6:45. Carpool riders and student drivers are encouraged to arrive during the 7:30 - 8:00 window to allow for maximum spacing of students in the morning. Students that have late arrival should arrive 15 minutes before their first scheduled class and must report to the new gym if they are a student driver or the front office if they are being dropped off. Student drivers must have a parking pass, anyone needing a pass may purchase one from the front office for $40 for this semester.

Next, students that wish to leave after their last scheduled class must have had their permission form completed. If a student had it completed last semester then they do not have to complete the form again, this is only for new in-person students who wish to be dismissed at 12:30 or after their last scheduled class.

As a reminder, the daily schedule is posted in the Plan B guide. Students that are working virtually or are tracked out are strongly encouraged to attend their teachers’ live sessions. All learning links are provided on the teacher’s Google or Canvas pages. I would like to note that we have tried very hard to create sections that are covered in person by a teacher - however, with the ever-changing dynamics of these, there may be times where students are supervised on a device if their teacher is not available in person.

In closing, it is imperative that students follow the protocols and guidelines to help make our campus as safe and orderly as possible. We greatly appreciate your understanding, patience, and support as we continue to navigate these truly unprecedented times in education. Thank you for being Comets ALL in.