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Exam Update


Exam Update

Good evening Clayton High School students and parents, this is Bennett Jones, principal of Clayton High School some important information.


First, just a reminder that tomorrow, December 2nd is a remote learning day for all students. All students are encouraged to continue logging in each day to complete all assignments as the end of the semester is quickly approaching.

The CHS final exam schedule for this semester can be found on the CHS website. The exams will be the week of December 14th - 18th. This means that the cohort rotation will end on December 11th. Beginning on December 14th, state EOC exams in Math 1, Math 3, Biology, and English 2 will be given in person. There will also be required Career and Technical Education exams that will be administered in person. This year, all teacher-made exams will be given in an online format. This means that during the week of December 14th-18th, the only students that will come to campus are those that need to take an EOC or CTE exam. Transportation will be provided for those that need it and any students that have been working in a virtual format will have to come to campus if at all possible to take these state-mandated exams. Any virtual student that needs transportation for exam days needs to complete this bus request form before Thursday, December 3rd.

I recognize that there may be some students and parents concerned with taking the exams in person. Please note that these are required exams by the state to complete these courses. If there are extenuating circumstances during that week, you may contact our testing office where we will make attempts to schedule alternative times for testing. Contact information for testing is available on the exam schedule.

Finally, this is a reminder for all students to please complete the second semester intention form. While we cannot predict what will happen, we need to prepare and plan for the spring semester. As such, we need information regarding in person attendance. The plan is right now that our Plan B model will be the same to begin the second semester. I invite you to review all of the information and FAQs on the JCPS homepage. If a student does not fill out the intention form, they will be placed in their current grouping for the spring semester, whether it be cohort or virtual. Thank you all for your continued support, have a good evening.